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"Rounding and prowling in the maze-like alleys of history, I keep my eyes wide open, to observe accurately and to record right"

Babak Bordbar, born in 1984 in Iran, is a photo-journalist and documentary photographer who has started working for Iranian press since 2003. His focus is most often on the workers and post-war issues. His photographs of Green Movement in Iran in 2009 have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers all over the world. He lives in Paris presently.

Individual Exhibitions:

2014 "Exode", Club Ulysse, Lille, France

2014 "the Eastern Piece", Central Gallery, Nottingham, England

2012 "I Just Know My House from World Geography", Twenty Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 "Steel Workers", Cafe Mania Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010 "Ah! Those Seconds", Shive Gallery, Shiraz, Iran

2006 "Descent", Vessal Gallery, Shiraz, Iran

Group Exhibitions

2011 "Our Truth Lies in Silence", Vessal Gallery, Shiraz, Iran

2009 "30 Years of Documentary Iranian Photography", musée du quai Branly, Paris, France

2007 "Gavmish-Abad", Vessal Gallery, Shiraz, Iran

And more than 50 other exhibitions