The Iran–Iraq War began when Iraq invaded Iran via simultaneous invasions by air and land on 22 September 1980. After 3 months, government announced that people who living in south and west cities (their cities had been directly attacked) immigrate to peaceful cities by Red Crescent. About 100 families from Hoveize, Shadegan, Khoram Shahr, Abadan, etc was moved to Fassa and a place was accommodate with installation of 1000 tents, water, electricity and health services as a temporary camp.  

Research and Statistics Committee declared 6000 residents of the camp and issued ID card for each household and paid them a monthly fee as a cash diet. 

In 1981, president of Iran at the time, Mr. Rajaei, visited the camp and ordered to take down tents and instead of them, build cement block houses. After that the camp was named ‘Rajaei Camp’ and barbed wire was placed around the camp. 

The Iran-Iraq War ended when both countries accepted UN Resolution 598, which was a ceasefire, on August 20, 1988.  Afterwards some settlers returned to their hometown and the others who had lost their house in the war remained in the camp. Although tow-third of settlers return to their hometown, about 2000 persons live in this camp. 

Now, 23 years after the war, according to urban development the camp is located in a convenient location. For this reason, the municipal authorities refuse to transfer and register documents of these houses to residents. In addition this camp does not have facilities such as oil and gas. People of the oil land have the minimum heat in winter.